Citizen women's wardrobe

Key elements of a Principate matrona's wardrobe include: palla, stola, and tunica interior.


Draped Layer = palla

Analogous to the citizen men's toga, a citizen woman's outermost garment is an unsewn length of fabric draped around the body and serving as an emphatic reminder of one's status as a citizen. 


Tunica Exterior = Stola

Immediately under the palla, a citizen woman's stola is the second distinct garment indicating her status as a married citizen.  Three types of stola appear in secondary sources (mosaics, statuary, frescoes) from most to least frequency: "gathered" tunica exterior with narrow straps over shoulders; "tapered" tunica exterior pinned and tucked; and, "banded" stola sewn with bias cut curved band over shoulders.


tunica interior